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Category : Woodlands

31 Dec 2017
American wigeon

Wildlife near me

When I feel to recharge my batteries, I just go out in one of the parks around and enjoy of the wildlife of London. If you love wildlife, London is the ideal place to enjoy their presence. Wherever you are, there must be a park or lake where you can see squirrel, ducks, geese, swans, gulls, and all kind of wild birds, even deer in Richmond and Bushey park. All you can do is protect them, respect their habitat and […]

30 Dec 2017
Woodlands Photography - Ruislip Woodlands

Ruislip Woods

Ruislip Woods In this afternoon of the end of 2017, after many hours spent in front of the computer, I felt like numb and I could not breathe. I felt the need for an escape, somewhere far from civilization and noise, somewhere green, clean air and quiet And I told myself that I do not have to plan a big a trip away … I have a few unexplored places beside me, a stone’s throw from where I live, I […]