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Event Photography

Corporate Event

PR and Events Photography

Daniel and his team cover all kinds of events, big or small. Including, but are not limited to awards, conferences, live music, dinners, auctions, exhibitions, functions, networking, backstage production, parties, portraits, PR events school proms and much more.

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Private Events

Private Events Photography

Wedding, as well as baptism, is life, a new life you start with your loved one. A small video at the moment you said "I DO" or from the reception always makes you relive the moments. When you sit on the couch and browse a photo album, your mind travels exactly in those unforgettable memories

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Corporate Event Photography

Capture of any special events, or meetings, celebrations and press events you may organize.

Daniel and his team have specialized in all types of Corporate Event Photography: event marketing, promotional events, meetings and conventions, galas and award ceremonies, new product presentations, executive portraits, group photos and product shots, short or long video footages, time lapse and much more.

Assignments as a corporate event photographer and videographer can be quite varied. In the end, deliver video footage and photographs that sell the next event or framed for PR placement of photo opportunities. Daniel's goal is to always catch the moments that illustrate the story of the event. His style is unobtrusive and won’t interrupt your event.

All must encompass the need to capture photographs that illustrate and comprehensively document the event for archival, marketing, news or public relation publication.

Private Events

Enjoy your memories in photo and video

For Daniel, photography is more than a passion, it is the universal language that transmits emotions and experiences, talks about each person's story, is loaded with color and light, and is meant to leave no wonderful moments of life forgotten.

But, in essence, it is a way of stopping the flow of time. Looking at a photograph, we keep time on the spot, we cross the portal of the years that pass at an alert pace. The camera captures the light, the mind catches images, and the souls capture memories. Thus, our photos and our lives are connected in a certain way. We keep evidence of special moments that have a significant impact on our existence.