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"Daniel is not just a very good photographer, he has solid explorer skills and a highly developed sense of guidance. He can answer all the questions about photography and almost all the questions about the places he visits. With Daniel you will feel safe both in the turmoil of the great cities and in the silence of the wild. Born and raised in the heart of the mountains, he has inherent qualities to avoid any danger. If this happens, Daniel knows how to bring you home safely."

"Engage with a Daniel in that fairy tale journey with this private photo tours tailored to your skill and interests. Explore the main sights with camera in hand, ready to snap memorable shots across Britain, Ireland, Island, all Europe. On the list are also many other places around the world including: Israel, Turkey, Iran, India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Philippine, Japan, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Morocco, Peru, Chile, Canada, US. All the private photo tours are focus on Travel Photography: Landscape, Cityscape, Wildlife, Safari and Lifestyle. That will not be just a photo tour, that will be also a culinary journey, you will discover the place around, engage with the local people and their culture. During the tour, Daniel will be your teacher, your guide and your driver. He will ask for the third person to help just if needs someone to carry the equipment or as personal bodyguard in some areas or by request.*"

How the private photo tours work?

Accordion tab contentDo you know a beautiful location and you want to photograph that? Or perhaps you would like to improve your photographic skill? Do you want to visit a exotic place? Or maybe you just want an adventure? Great, just drop me an email and I will come with the right solution for you. Please don't forget to mention the location if is one, date of travel, your skills level, your gear, your budget and your expectation.

You will get an email from me with a brief about the journey, timing, cost and equipment required. We also can get in touch by phone, WhatApp, Skype and even meet in person if you are from UK. Once you are agree and pay the deposit, I proceed with the bookings for the photo tour - accommodation, flight, car, restaurants, POI, visa and other costs - and I will send the itinerary to you.

What you will get from that?

Depends of your expectation? First of all you will have lots of fun and get away from the daily routine and enjoy of life.

The biggest advantage of private photo tours is I'm 100% focus dealing just with you. You will get answers to all your questions and the flexibility of the schedule.

I strongly recommend booking between 3 and 5 days tour for cityscape and landscape that cover small areas and 5 to 10 days tour for safaris. That because we will go in several location during sunrise, sunset or even night time, also we will need time for editing and recharge. Mainly we will shoot at sunrise, sunset or night time. During on the day we will have rest and we will be focus on editing the images. Please be prepare for all kind of weather condition, for the reason I would like to make sure you come with the right clothes and boots.

To the end of the photo tour you will get basic or advance knowledge about photography and editing. That all depends of your photography knowledge level before the photo tour and time spend together. Also you will get all the pictures on digital, pictures with you and pictures what you are taking and video of the journey. If you require prints, photo books, large canvas, that can be done sort time after photo tour and post it to you, for that will be a extra cost.

What you can learn?

  • Basic photographic techniques such planning a location, understanding the camera, composition rules, understanding lights.
  • Advance photographic techniques such long exposure photography, night photography, light painting, using filters, HDR and blending images, panoramas, time-lapse.
  • Editing: organising and basic editing with Adobe Lightroom, Advance Editing with Adobe Photoshop - blending images, dodge and burn, panorama...

*In the photo tour can be also accepted family members or friends.

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