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How to choose the right wedding photographer

Award Winner Destination Wedding Photographer

Choose the right wedding photographer for your special day

Part 1

Your wedding photographs are something that you will keep forever so you need to make sure you get the right wedding photographer. 

Unlike the work of your other wedding vendors (venue, marquee, music, flower, decorations, cake), the photographs aren’t things that you can test, touch or feel it at first. You will know what you are getting after the fact. That means careful research and selectiveness regarding professional skills, artistic style and personal manner are extra important when choosing your wedding photographer.

The terminology around wedding photography can be baffling, especially what the different styles of wedding photography involve. Although of your resources, you’ll be able to find photographers offering each of the three most popular types of wedding photography for each budget. We’ve got a full explanation of wedding photography styles and jargon that can help you make the best decision.

Reportage Wedding Photography

Award Winner Destination Wedding Photographer

Also known as photojournalistic or documentary photography. The photographer will stand among and around you and your guests capturing candid and spontaneous shots. Reportage style is all about reactions and emotions so expect your photos to tell the real story of your day. It can feel like the most authentic form of photography as there’s no posing.

👍 Captures story and emotions while being relaxed and unobtrusive
👎 No posed group photos unless you ask for them.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer

Or formal wedding photography is the classic posed look you see in conventional group shots of the couple and the wedding party. This used to be the most popular style and involves plenty of direction from the photographer, but it also takes time and you might miss some of the action of the day. Your photos are likely to be a bit ‘Once upon a time’, but will be beautifully shot and well-lit.

👍  Lasting pictures of family and friends in a timeless, beautiful style
👎  Takes time and staging so you can miss the emotion of the day

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Award Winning Destination Wedding Photographer

Will feel more like fashion or editorial photography combined with reportage. It’s ideal if you want fashion-led couple photos and an artistic approach to other shots. You’ll need to find a photographer with the same creative vision as you, whether that’s street style, portraits, conceptual or nature-focused.

👍  Dramatic, beautiful, unique shots
👎  Sometimes the vision comes ahead of capturing the personality of the couples

Next time I will talk about steps to follow for choosing the right photographer.

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