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Professional Photographer based in London

Properties, Portraiture, Advertising, Landscape, Travel

I have been fascinated by  photography for a long time. Since my early childhood, I wanted to create art, images, stories… The story begins about 25 years ago when I first entered a photo lab, which belonged to my father's friend. I was fascinated by how pictures came to life using just paper and chemical ingredients and I am still bewitched! As my father noticed my passion for photography, he surprised me one day with my first camera,  a Zenith – E, 36 mm film camera which I still have. I felt such a thrill! I fell in love with the possibility to stop moments in time, to capture a second from my life and keep it forever.

I have always been a natural student of human behaviour, so I started with portraits and street photography. I had my fair share of out-of-focus shots and near misses, but the satisfaction of being out there and witnessing life through my camera lens was indescribable. At that time, I discovered Henri Cartier-Bresson work. Also, I was blessed with good teachers, which helped me to become more conscious about where my photographic interests were heading.

Member of The Royal Photographic Society

Member of  The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers

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Photographer is the most beautiful job in the world

...but is not an easy job

I’ve been working hard to have a chance to open the doors of the photographic world and to build a strong reputation around my work. My pictures are published now in national and international magazines, in a lot of books, on numerous websites and in many other publications.

I specialized myself in Interior design and Architectural photography. This field of photography requires technical ability, a methodical approach and a good eye for composition. The creative possibilities of interior design and architectural photography is a perpetual challenge for me, and the more I learn about it, the more I want to know. I am passionate to take photos and to manipulate them to fit an artistic vision. My camera became an extension of my life and my eye began seeing things I had never seen before.

In my free time, I love to travel and to take thousands of pictures. I always have my camera and the tripod with me wherever I go: wildness or big metropolis.

Photography has been my full-time passion and profession for 25 years now. So many time I’ve been saying, “to be a photographer is the most beautiful job in the world”. I chose to be a photographer and “je ne regrette rien”

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Property Photographer

Real estate, architectural and interior design photography and video, shooting for architects and the architectural products industry, commercial spaces, and the hospitality industry. And also several cityscape projects such London's Bridges, Europe's Cities... from historical cities and world heritage sites to modern architecture.


Corporate portrait and headshots photography and some personal projects that include people such street photography, lifestyle, travel photography and video.

Landscapes Projects

I just love being in the middle of nature, no matter is good weather, raining, snowing or storm, I'm easily wake up before sunrise or travel all night long for a nice image. I'm not just a photographer, I do video, time-lapse, underwater and aerial. I often use some special post-processing techniques such panorama, HDR, blending images. 

Travel Photographer

I love to travel so much probably because I'm captivated by the diversity of cultures and talk to peoples. I'm doing a very good research before travelling because I don't want to miss something, and when I'm there, I know everything about it... and of course, I have got the camera with me.

Nonprofit & charities

I am also interested in offering free photographic services to charities and NPO's.  For more details, please feel free to contact me.

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