Photographing British Coastline

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Photographing British Coastline

About the Project

I come up with the idea to photograph British Coastline when I have done the research for my projects. Some places are well known some places don't. The entire British Coastline is gorgeous, everywhere you go, there are wonderful places and is unfair to ignore them or to don't share just because are hard accessible or are under another landmarks shadow.

Everything on that project it will be based in Travel Photography, I will shoot Landscape Photography using different technics such Long Exposure, Panorama, HDR, I will also shoot Street Photography, Portraits, Food and much more... Like that, I will make a clear image of all the places where I will travel.

Please feel free to discover some of the picture part of the project.


British Coast is gorgeous and has an enormous photographic potential. Not everyone knows that. Through my photographs, I try to educate people to see beyond the horizon, to discover other places. A very important goal of my project is to convince the people to respect nature, protects places where travel and keep them for future generations.

The Project

I'll take over all British Coast, I started with Dorset, I will continue with Devon, Cornwall ..... and I will include the entire coast England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I will take photographs in different locations, day, nighttime, sunset, sunrise, in all weather conditions, all seasons, so the people can see Britain's beauty through my eyes. It will be video also, I will also do aerial video and time lapse.

For the each location, I will build a page on www.britishcoastproject.co.uk website, there will be pictures, movies, time-lapse, a few lines about location. An important thing to be mentioned in that location page is the exact address, ticket price and appropriate time can be visited, recommendations accommodation places for dinner but also information that the visiting should take into account. I will do Social Media, SEO and the website maintenance by myself - I have been working for the last 7 years as freelance SEO consultant and web designer. I expect in on year time the traffic for the website to be over 100.000 visitors every month and will grow in for years to 1.000.000 monthly visitors.

If I will be manage to be full time dedicated to this project, the project will take four years from the date I will have all my necessary gear, a media partner to spread my work to the world, the certainty that I will have an exhibition and of course sponsors for travel expenses.


For now, just me, everything we've done so far has been only done by myself, my expense and my time, I bought the camera - I work with Nikon by the way, lenses, Lee filters, video camera , 27 inch Mac, Photoshop and Lightroom for processing my images, I managed to buy all the accessories in order to start the project. I have invested over £ 10,000 in gear, I didn't count the expense with building the website and social media accounts, training, traveling, petrol, accommodation and other. Probably I would need another amount of £ 10,000 in order to have another spare camera, a drone, a camera GoPro, a solid tripod, a software for video processing and a 4X4 car for travel.
To carry on the project, I will have to dedicate myself 100% to this project.

If you believe in that project and you want to help or be involved, please feel free to drop me a line, and I will be happy to meeting you and to give all information you need to know about the project. Thank you.