A Walk In Milano

Milan Cathedral, Duomo di Milano

My city travel journey starts with “A Walk In Milano”

I have been to Milano last year for a longer weekend. Impressive city, beautiful, clean, with many photographic opportunities. The food was very good and a lot of things to visit and to do.
Some of my disappointments was:  that’s my fault that I had to check in time. I have not been able to buy tickets to visit   Santa Maria delle Grazie to see  “The Last Supper” I booked the hotel and plane a month earlier, but I did not find any tickets at the museum.
Another disappointment was the agglomeration near the Dome, and I’m not talking about the crowd during the day. I got there an hour before sunrise, it was full of tourists, it was really hard for me to take a picture. Maybe next time.

I returned home with some beautiful pictures, and withe some nice recipes that I practice on a monthly basis: “La Tagliata” is one of them ;).

If you want to travel to Milano, the best time is extra season, from February to June, avoid Easter time, and from end of September to November. Strongly avoid August, anyone is away in Holiday and the prices are going up.

For booking the the flight I use skyscanner, and for accommodation booking.com. For breakfast I get it to the hotel and dinner for dinner I picked up some restaurants away from tourists area. I avoid having dinner in the areas frequented by tourists and for many reasons: food is expensive and often poor services, as well as the quality of food. Another reason is that I interact with locals, often telling me places to take pictures and listening to their stories.

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