Malta, a sunny place

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Why you should visit Malta?

Few reasons to visit Malta. The Maltese are renowned for their hospitality, friendliness and generosity. The people are traditionally kind-hearted and usually go out of their way to make guests feel at home. The majority of people are very accommodating, and are very willing to lend a helping hand, should you need directions or require assistance of any kind.

Maltese cuisine.

Maltese cuisine is the result of a long relationship between the Islanders and the many civilisations who occupied the Maltese Islands over the centuries. This marriage of tastes has given Malta an eclectic mix of Mediterranean cooking. Although the restaurant scene is a mix of speciality restaurants, there are many eateries that offer or specialise in local fare, serving their own versions of specialities.


Visiting Valletta was on my bucket list since I was reading about the Knights of St. John. Valletta, the capital of Malta was established in the 1500s. This small city is packed with a variety of sites and places to visit – buildings with colorful balconies, statues, narrow streets, churches, museums and grand palazzos. No wonder Valletta was the European Capital of Culture in 2018. It is also considered an UNESCO heritage.
Walk with me on this journey of images taken during different times of the day. Enjoy the unique architectural style. Imagine you are in its picturesque gardens, taste local delicacies and try a coffee in the town’s various squares.

Blue Grotto

As a photographer I am always in a search for unique landscapes. Blue Grotto is one of the most popular places in Malta. The natural, massive arch and the system of 6 caves offers an unforgettable view. The clear, blue sky reflects in the white sandy rock, creating a rare contrast.

Rabat and Mdina

If you visit Malta you cannot skip Rabat, a small town located in the Northern region. Enjoy the historical places such as the catacombs of St Paul and St Agatha, Domus Romana, churches and museums. Rabat is simply a walk in the past. If you love history, this is the place to be. In my photographs I tried to capture its uniqueness with focus on the detail and color.

I didn’t mention Gozo and Azure Window because, just couple of weeks before my arrival, the arch of Azure Window collapses because a heavy storm. That was my main target to photograph in Malta.

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