The Three Peaks, Hiking Snowdon

Hiking Snowdon summit

Hiking Snowdon

The day before go hiking Snowdon, I found a nice accommodation in Llanberis, and I could not go to sleep without visiting two beautiful places for photography, one is right next to Lake Llyn Padarn, the lonely tree, and the second place is Ceunant Mawr Waterfall.


The next day, the weather look pretty bad, cloudy and about to rain. It is the time to hit the road, so I started walking slowly to the top. The first part of the route was good, even if it starts raining, I enjoyed the landscape, I took pictures of the train coming from Llanberis to the summit, at one point I had one of the most pleasant surprises, a rainbow shows up in the sky after we passed Halfway House.

Hiking Snowdon Rainbow

The tough way to the top

After crossing the rail again, the weather got worst, the rain broke and the wind blew very hard. Although I had equipment suitable for mountain and bad weather, I got wet all the way to the skin. I had to close the phone and hide the camera in the jacket. But here I am, I did it, I touch the top.

A dream come true :). Although I was tired and wet… but I had the biggest smile 🙂 on my face. I stepped up in Hafod Eryri ( the cafe on the top) like a winner.

I drank one warm tea, dried up a little bit and started walking back down to Llanberis. I didn’t feel tired or cold anymore, I didn’t even notice the rain. After a couple of hours, I arrived to hotel, change into warm clothes and went out. I have to buy souvenirs for my dear ones and find a place to have a warm soup.

That was my short adventure, The Three Peaks in 3 days. It was a pleasant experience, even if the weather wasn’t good with me all the time, and I didn’t take so much picture and video as I wanted, but I’m happy about the experience I had. I recommend to everyone to try that experience, you can do it in 24 hours, or 3 days as I did, but also you can do it in one week or a month. If you need any advice regarding the trip, please do not hesitate to drop me a line at daniel@photodaniel.co.uk

Thank you very much for your time reading this and enjoy the pictures.

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