The Three Peaks, Scafell Pike

Photographing Scafell Pike Summit

Photographing Scafell Pike, the second destination.

The second day, the second challenge, a have the chance to climb and to photograph Scafell Pike, the highest peak in England. I parked the car in Wasdale Head, and I started hiking immediately. The scenery is extraordinary, the warm sunlight reflected in the Wast Water lake. Just a few fluffy clouds in the sky, that make turn my head time to time. I followed the path along the Lingmell Gill that formed small waterfalls. The weather is perfect for hiking but also for photography.

After two hours of hiking, I got close to the destination, maybe 20 minutes, half an hour to the summit. But I got to a place where the scenery was a fairytale, I was able to see the surrounding mountains such Great Gable, Glaramara, Kirk Fell with lakes and valleys, breathtaking view. I took off the drones from my backpack and started filming. That was a very good condition for photographing Scafell Pike and the surroundings.

On top of everyone

20 minutes later I was already the highest man in England. The second target touched. I was surprised to find out there were not many people in the area, so I kept filming and shooting from the top.

Unfornutally is time to go, I have one more target to reach and is like 5 hours drive :(. I don’t usually like to come back on the same path, so this time I did not make an exception. I turned right and I took the path of the other side of Lingmell, on my left-hand side, Great Gable, slowly shows his greatness. from the right.

That was a pleasant experience, almost the perfect day, I had the chance to record video, sounds of the small waterfalls and do lots of pictures.

Here I go again from where I left 6 hours ago, ready for the last episode of the journey: Snowdon.

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