Rome Day 1 – Vatican from Ponte Umberto I

Vatican from Ponte Umberto

21st February 2018 – Vatican from Ponte Umberto I

First day Vatican from Ponte Umberto I

I landed on Fiumicino Airport and I took the train to Rome. My hotel was located in Trastevere, very close to most of the places I wanted to visit and photograph. In that day, the weather was great for photography, I walked a lot, over 20km.
I have decided to walk around to get familiarised with the city. First stop Colosseum, then Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia, then I went up to the Vatican City.
I decided to photograph the sunset on Ponte Umberto I. It was a beautiful sunset. The sun has sunk behind the Vatican, the sky has turned for a few minutes in a superb color. I then waited for the lights on Ponte Sant’Angelo and the Vatican to go on and I took the second photo. I blended together and here’s the result.
After all those done, I packed my gear and went to discover the city: Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), The Pantheon, Piazza Navona … These are the locations for the coming days.
I have found a small restaurant not far from the hotel. I ordered a Pizza Napolitana and a glass of white wine, the house wine, very good.
Tired after a busy day, but with happy after my first day in Rome, I went to the hotel with the thought of the second day trip: Galleria Borghese.

Rome Day 1 – Vatican from Ponte Umberto I
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