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Rome Day 4 – Colosseum and Ponte Sant’Angelo

Colosseum and Ponte Sant’Angelo

February 24, 2018, Colosseum and Ponte Sant’Angelo

Colosseum and Ponte Sant’Angelo

Today it rained all day. At one point, I thought it was not worth getting out of the bed. But something told me that it would be a big mistake to stay in the hotel room.
So here I am 6 AM near the Colosseum. There was no one around, so I made my composition and I was waiting for miracle to happen – the rain to stop and to have a dramatic sky. Unfortunately, it wasn’t anything like that. I walked back to the hotel a little bit disappointed thinking that I had many places to shoot and only 2 sunrises and 2 sunsets available. To have a “wow” photograph of the Colosseum was what I wanted the most. However, I am always positive and I believe I will get more than I wished for.
On my way back to the hotel, I took the narrow streets, paved like by the Romans time and crowded with tourists. There I was able to find some interesting frames that reflect the lifestyle of Rome.
In the afternoon I went to Ponte Sant’Angelo to get ready for sunset. I did not expect much because it kept raining. I made some photographs, but not what I wanted, so I decided to go to Fontana di Trevi to throw a coin and make a wish: “Someday I will return to Rome”.

It was the perfect time to find a nice restaurant and treat myself with a traditional Italian dinner and a glass of wine. I found a Trattoria right next to the hotel. They recommended Cannelloni with spinach and liver together with a nice glass of red wine special for me called Villa Danieli 😉  and a delicious Tiramisu dessert.
I looked at the weather forecast for the next day and it seemed that the rain would stop, so I started planing for something very adventurous – Stay tuned for the next post – Rome Day 5

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