Rome Day 6 – Snow fell over Rome

snow fell over rome

February 26, 2018 – Snow fell over Rome

Snow fell over Rome

On the sixth day, around 5:30 in the morning,  the snow already started to cover the streets of the city.
I took my camera and the tripod and I went straight to the Colosseum. The scenery was epic, something I have never seen before. I started to look around for compositions. Finally I got what I was dreaming about, actually more than that. After three attempts and two fails, I succeeded – I took at least 2 unique photos near the Colosseum.
I happily went back to the hotel. I did not lose my hope. I was positive and persuasive and the big “prize” finally came. Back at the hotel I quickly packed everything and did the checkout; I left my luggage at the reception desk and went for a few city laps. The streets of Rome were filled with people who enjoyed the beauty of a rare, snowy day. I felt sad I had to leave soon.

I’m in the airport enjoying one last espresso. Beside my table there is a piano. While thinking about my adventure in Rome I secretly wish for someone to come and start playing a song. Any song. The people come and go in many directions. Suddenly the chords of an old song gently embrace the surroundings . I smile while walking slowly to the gate. Arrivederci Roma,..till we meet again!

During the six days in Rome, I also made videos and time-lapse; Soon I will post a video with the best photos of Rome, To Rome with love…

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