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04 Mar 2018
Colosseum and Ponte Sant’Angelo

Rome Day 4 – Colosseum and Ponte Sant’Angelo

February 24, 2018, Colosseum and Ponte Sant’Angelo Colosseum and Ponte Sant’Angelo Today it rained all day. At one point, I thought it was not worth getting out of the bed. But something told me that it would be a big mistake to stay in the hotel room. So here I am 6 AM near the Colosseum. There was no one around, so I made my composition and I was waiting for miracle to happen – the rain to stop and […]

02 Mar 2018
Vatican - Bramante Staircase

Rome Day 3 – Ponte Sant’Angelo and Vatican

February 23, 2018, Ponte Sant’Angelo and Vatican Ponte Sant’Angelo and Vatican My greatest joy in the morning was when I find out was no longer raining. I woke up at 4:30 AM, I took my camera and go towards Vatican. At 7:30 I had to meet with those who organized the tour of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. There was plenty of time so I decided to take a stroll along Castel Sant’Angelo to see what I can […]

28 Feb 2018
Rome - The Roman Forum

Rome Day 2 – Galleria Borghese

February 22, 2018, Galleria Borghese Galleria Borghese and Rainy day For today I booked a ticket to visit the Borghese Galleries where some of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s works are. I booked online, and I had to be there at 9:30 AM. I walked from Trastevere, crossed the Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia, then up the small streets to Villa Burghese. If you are a lover of art and you like Bernini, then Galleria Borghese, “is a must”. I’ll let the photographs talk […]

27 Feb 2018
Vatican from Ponte Umberto

Rome Day 1 – Vatican from Ponte Umberto I

21st February 2018 – Vatican from Ponte Umberto I First day Vatican from Ponte Umberto I I landed on Fiumicino Airport and I took the train to Rome. My hotel was located in Trastevere, very close to most of the places I wanted to visit and photograph. In that day, the weather was great for photography, I walked a lot, over 20km. I have decided to walk around to get familiarised with the city. First stop Colosseum, then Roman Forum, Piazza […]

19 Jan 2018
Scottish Piper Isle of Skye

Seven days in Isle of Skye – May 2016

The Isle of Skye has dramatic landscapes like some of the most scenic in Scotland. The best way to experience its epic mountains, waterfalls, and sea cliffs is on a road trip. You can fly to Glasgow or Inverness and then rent a car. Most of the iconic places in Isle of Sky are between 30 minutes and one hour drive from Portree, the main city on island. Most of the people when they think to visit Scotland, they choose […]