The Three Peaks, Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis Summit

Ben Nevis is the first part of my three peaks journey.

As many of you already know, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the Britain, located in Scottish Highlands, close to the town of Fort William. The summit, at 1,345 m (4,411ft 2in) above sea level, features the ruins of a building, an observatory, which was permanently staffed from 1883 until its closure in 1904.

Coming back to my trip, I choose The Mountain Track knows as the ‘Tourist Route,’ the ‘Tourist Track’ or the ‘Pony Track’ is in fact the old access route to the now ruined Observatory and was designed as a rough bridle path for ponies.

Summit Ben Nevis

I start my journey very early in the morning from Ben Nevis Car Park. From the beginning of the walk, the mountain showed its beauty, the sky was partly cloudy, allowing the sun’s rays to cast color spots on clouds and hills. The first breathtaking image was the panorama on Glen Nevis; The sky was dramatic and the clouds that formed from the woods, made you stalk and watch for hours.

ben nevis

I enjoyed the scenery and continued my journey. After a few zig-zag trails, I reached Lochan Meall, another gorgeous view.

Ben Nevis Panoramic view

I continued to climb, stopping me from time to time enjoying the landscape and taking pictures.

I keep following the stony paths, I’m feeling a bit tired and still, I have a lot to walk. The top of the mountain is covered in haze, I can’t figure out if is fog or I will walk through a cloud. It is still clearly behind, as I turn I have seen Loch Linnhe offering a wonderful view.

Fog is increasingly dense, lucky with the stone turrets that make it easier to reach the peak.

It’s getting pretty cold, I had to wear all the clothes I have on me. My hands started to freeze, I put the camera in my backpack and continued to climb, it’s not much left, I feel that I know that…. another few minutes and I’m up, I did it. The visibility is just a few meters, I can’t do the pictures what I want, I’m tired, I’m cold but that doesn’t matter, I have a huge smile on my face, I’m there, I’m on top, the highest man in the UK.

Before you go up, please check the weather and wear proper clothes and boots for hiking. Next stop Scafell Pike

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